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Who we are

Presa Canario Perfection: Preserving a Noble Breed with Passion and Care
Our History

Our Family's Journey: From Past to Present:

Our family in Transylvania has a long history of raising some of the most impressive and unique breeds of dogs. We have been dedicated to cultivating the perfect canine for many years.

Breeding requires lots of patience and observation to monitor animal health and behavior. It’s a labor of love for many, as it’s a family affair that requires dedication and understanding. Every family has its own unique dynamic, and breeding animals requires the same type of understanding between the animals and the people that care for them.

We keep accurate records in order to track the animals’ pedigree, physical health, and behavioral traits of the Presa Canario. This is important to ensure the breed stays true to its original form and health while also taking into account that each individual animal may have its own unique traits.

Knowing the family history behind a puppy and its temperament can help guide potential owners to the best pet for them. Additionally, breeding records can help track any health issues that may be hereditary or passed down from parent to pup. This helps us create healthier and more balanced future generations.

We make sure that each pup is happy and healthy, providing our customers with a bundle of joy that will fit right into their home.

Additionally, our Presa Canario pups have been bred for optimal health, with excellent temperaments to provide an exceptional dog that makes a great pet and companion

We strive to offer families quality puppies that will bring joy and companionship into their home. Our mission is to ensure that every family has the chance to experience the love and happiness they will get from these amazing animals.

Established Bloodline

All our dogs come from famous sires and prestige kennels from across the world!

World Class Breeder

Over the years we have attained an excellent reputation as breeders.

Champion Titles

From movie stars to world champions, our dogs come from the best bloodlines.

Our Mission

Preserving the Purity, Health, and Heritage of the Presa Canario:

Our mission as a Transylvanian Presa Canario breeder is to produce superior-quality dogs that exhibit exceptional health, temperament, and conformation. We are committed to preserving the purity and heritage of this magnificent breed while ensuring that each of our puppies finds a loving and responsible home. We strive to maintain transparency in our breeding practices, promoting ethical standards and responsible ownership. Our goal is to provide our clients with lifelong companions that are not only stunning but also possess the loyalty, courage, and intelligence that is characteristic of the Presa Canario.


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